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1-1.8 tấn H2000 series

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√ Transmission box, drive axle and other core parts are self-made by HELI, their box manufacturing and assembly equipment has reached international advanced level. The key parts of the box are imported , and box assembly failure rate is low,  and has the best quality of domestic box.

√ With attachment of various types of the masts, all use double built-in hose pulley block, and have compact structure, beautiful appearance, good passage capacity , are first adopted in our country (Patent technology).

√ All lifting mast pipeline have equipped with explosion proof safety valve to ensure the safety of the lifting process.

√ Exhaust system use corrugated pipe to realize flexible connection with frame , and reduce the vibration and noise of the whole vehicle.

√ The steering axle and the frame connection place has done the shock absorption processing, and the shock of whole vehicle has reduced by 30 %.

√ With intake muffler, the air flow is expanded and intervened to suppress the intake pulse, reducing the intake noise.

√ Hose joint and transition joint in pipeline are sealed with cone form, which has good sealing effect and needs no seal ring. So it won’t leak oil due to the sealing ring aging.

√ Seal for the key parts of the cylinder are imported by NOK , which contribute to sealing reliable and quality stable.

√ Steering trapezium use optimal program, and the maximum error is less than 1°, can reduce tire wear and improve service life.

Thông số cơ bản

Số cấu hình RC1
Động cơ xăng/gas
Hộp số tự động-thủy lực
Vận hành ngồi lái
Sức nâng kg 1000 1500 1750
Tâm tải trọng mm 500
Chiều cao nâng mm 3000-6000
Chiều dài xe mm 2171 2245 2293
Chiều rộng xe mm 1070


√ As lifting and transporting machineries, H2000 Series 1-1.8TGasoline / LPG IC Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks are widely used for loading, unloading and transporting the packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, wharves, ports and so on.  With other attachments of fork lift trucks., they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.